Things to Consider Before Requesting an Application

Receiving the degrees of Masonry is a serious undertaking. There many things to consider prior to requesting an application. By submitting an application, you are saying you would like over a dozen men to dedicate over 200+ man hours in assisting you on a personal journey. Once you go through the degrees, will brothers local and worldwide be able to depend on you?

  1. Am I ready to dedicate time to myself?
    Pursuing the degrees of masonry takes time and effort. If you are not at a place in life where you are unable to dedicate time to yourself, now may not be the best time to join. However, there is never a rush in freemasonry.
  2. Am I available on most Mondays and Thursdays?
    Oceanside 381 meets on Mondays and hold practices and education on Thursdays. If you are not available on these days, perhaps now is not the best time, or you should find a lodge that meets on a different night. For instance, Vista Lodge meets on Tuesdays.
  3. Do my family and friends support my decision to join the fraternity?
    We have found that most brothers who join who do not have support from their family and friends do not last long in the fraternity.
  4. Do I just want to know the secrets…or do I want to better myself and serve my family, friends and society for their betterment?
    A sincere desire to improve one’s self, and thus those that surround them, is required to become a mason.
  5. Have I made meaningful connections while attending events at Oceanside 381 that could last for a lifetime?
    Without building those bonds, the true benefits of Masonry cannot be realized. Additionally, as mentioned in another article, you will need two members, whom which you have become close with, to recommend you to membership.
  6. Am I prepared to attend all required meetings while going through the degrees of masonry and/or communicate readily with my Candidate’s Coach and the Master of the Lodge?
    Well over 200 man hours go into preparing someone for and conferring the degrees of masonry on someone. If someone is not committed, then our members spend time away from their families and lives for not.

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