109 Years of Masonry

Dispensation Issued, July 26, 1906
Chartered, October 10, 1906
Worshipful Master — William VanDerveer Nichols
Senior Warden — John Manning
Junior Warden — George Adderson Lane
Masonic Inspector– Eli T. Blackmer
Grand Master of California & Hawaii — Motley H. Flint

“It is our goal and fervent prayer that we pass on to those who follow the same spirit of Masonic Brotherhood and Dedication toward those ideals which have structured the firm foundation of this Lodge for the past [109] years…”

Many of the dedicated leaders of the City of Oceanside were Masons and held a place of prominence in their community. They contributed time, their talents, and frequently their money, to furthering the quality of life in Northern San Diego County. Then, when Carlsbad became a City in 1952, there were Masons who gave of themselves in the same way.

Charles C. Inskeep, Lodge Historian
Ralph A. Beck, Sr.
George C. Schrum, PM


HISTORY OF OCEANSIDE LODGE no. 381 Free & Accepted Masons

When Mr. John A. Tulip was the Station Agent for theSouthern California Railway (Later the Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe) Oceanside’s population was under 1000 in 1895. (John A. Tulip petitioned for membership and was the first person initiated into Oceanside Lodge U.D. and became Worshipful Master In 1912.)

In 1906 the population had grown to 1500 and Oceanside appeared to be on the way of being one of Southern California’s leading coastal cities. In 1906 there were two trains each day between Oceanside and San Diego and to Los Angeles through Fallbrook. (In 1916 the train tracks washed out beyond Fallbrook In the Deluz area and were never replaced.)

Travel to and from Oceanside at the turn of the century was usually by train, stagecoach, wagon or by horse-back. The Stagecoach ran daily between Oceanside and Fallbrook on a return trip.

Early in 1906 several Masonic brothers who were known to each other expressed a deep Interest in forming a Masonic Lodge in the growing city of Oceanside. At this time, Fall brook and Consuelo (In Escondido) Lodges had been Chartered (1893 and 1895 respectively) so local Masons looked toward Fallbrook members (the older one) for guidance in starting a Lodge in Oceanside. Fallbrook #317 Lodge members were most co-operative and agreed to assist.

On Wednesday, March 7, 1906 at 8:00 P.M. o’clock, fourteen Master Masons plus one who was a friend of several and was somewhat interested in Masonry (a Mr. George Wall) assembled in the Directors room of the Bank of Oceanside (see picture). The Bank Building was located on the north-west corner of Hill Street and Second (Mission) Avenue. The purpose of this meeting was to start taking the necessary steps for establishing a Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons. Those in attendance were Brothers David Rorick, Will Cook Franklin, Charles L. Berry, John Franklin Martin, George Addison Lane, John Manning, Frederick William Pillenger, Simon Goldbaum, Eugene Vale Griffes, Dr. William Vanderveer Nichols, Marion J. Shaul, John Norcroz Torrence, F.M. Reike, Ira W. Davis and Mr . George Wall.

On motion Mr. George Wall was elected Secretary and Brother Dr. William V. Nichols was elected chairman of this meeting. On another motion it was determined to organize and Dr. Willian V. Nichols was elected Worshipful Master, John Manning as Senior Warden . Brothers George Lane and John Franklin Martin were nominated as Junior Warden but John F. Martin withdrew and George A. Lane was elected.

Chairman Nichols was requested to prepare a Petition to the Grand Lodge of the State of California and have it signed by the Brethren as soon as possible.

(After this meeting, there Is no record of the name Mr. George Wall. In 1941 an inquiry was made about him but no one knew what became of him . However, as this first meeting was but a preliminary one with no regular Lodge work, the matter of Mr. Wall not being a Mason was immaterial in their judgement.)

A second meeting was held in the bank building on Friday , April 20, 1906 with the same brethren present as at the first . (Mr. George Wall was not In attendance.) Chairman Nichols appointed a committee to locate a safe and suitable Lodge room. Brother George Lane was appointed temporary Secretary. Brothers Nichols and Lane were appointed a committee of two to solicit subscriptions for the amount necessary for a Dispensation, books, Jewels, and for other necessary expenses. It was reported that the brethren had sent for their dimits and as soon as they were received the Petition to the Grand Master would be completed.

A third meeting was held on Sunday, May 20 In the bank building when it was announced that Dr. Nichol’s had gained approval of Brothers Frederick Pittenger and Percy Johnson of Fallbrook Lodge #317 to meet In the Odd Fellows Hall of the Wisdom Building-second floor-located on Tremont Street between First and Second Streets. On motion Chairman Nichols was authorized to select a name for the Lodge. Also, a committee of Brothers Lane, Martin and Nichols was appointed to obtain the necessary books, jewels, paraphernalia, etc ..

On Monday night June 18, 1906 this group met in the I.O.O.F . Hall where Brother David Rorick was elected Secretary and the name “OCEANSIDE LODGE” was selected and approved by all. Also, the Petition for a Dispensation was completed.