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Looking Ahead – Important Dates

All Dates and Locations can be found in the Lodge App and on our website at


2018 Officers
Congrats to our 2018 elected and appointed officers! There are many ways to serve outside of being an Officer! Let us know if you would like to serve. Thank you to the below brothers for their dedication to the craft and to our lodge!

WM – W.˙. Mark Nielsen
SW – David Smith
JW – Rey Desenganio
Tr – W.˙. Fred Burkhardt
Sec – W.˙. Drew Middleton
Chap – Kevin Day
SD – Brian Malabanan
JD – Pete Stambaugh
Mar – Bob Deuchars
SS – Kyle Pederson
JS – Joseph Cummings
Organist – Neil Parker
Tiler – Branden Naccarato
Masonic Formation – Mark Read

Officer’s Coach – W.˙. Drew Middleton
Asst. Officer’s Coach – W.˙. Tom Traver

Renaissance Officer – W.˙. Rich Nyberg

Trustee – W.˙. Larry Kovar
Trustee – W.˙. Steve Cook

Hall Association – W.˙. Drew Middleton
Hall Association – Bob Deuchars
Hall Association – Kyle Pederson


2018 Member’s Survey
In an effort to ensure we are maintaining relevance to our members, lodge leadership has decided to put out a 2018 Member’s Survey. The results will assist in understanding how we can continue to serve our members and families, as well as the community and fraternity at large. Please click the link below to fill out the survey at your earliest convenience.
2018 Member’s Survey


2018 Lodge Dues
Dues for 2018 are now due! As per the California Masonic Code §802.020, dues for the upcoming year are due no later than December 31 of the preceding year. For 2018, your dues are due prior to 12/31/2017. If they are not paid by that time, this means you will not be in good standing with the lodge and are not permitted to visit other lodges or vote in our lodge, among other rights, benefits and privileges that you will not be entitled to. If you have not yet paid, please do so as soon as you are able. Dues for 2018 are $131 no matter which method you choose to use to pay. There are now many ways to easily and conveniently pay your dues! You may find all options ***here***.

California Masonic Code §809.379 also states that no worthy brother may be suspended if he is financially unable to pay his dues. If you find yourself in a tough financial position, please consider making a partial payment or paying at least $60 so you can cover the cost of the per-capita (and processing fees) we pay to Grand Lodge for you being a member. If you are unable to afford any amount, please click on the following link to request a remittance and the pillars and charity committee will discuss your situation and get back to you ASAP.

Lastly, if you are no longer active in the lodge or membership does not work with your current life situation, you may demit from the lodge at any time and return when you are ready. While you are demitted, you may not attend our lodge or other lodges, but may return to good standing at any time by paying the current year’s dues (no back dues will be due). This is a great option instead of being suspended for non-payment of dues. To request to demit from the lodge, please click on the following link to make the appropriate request.

Your dues card will be mailed no later than December 15, 2017. If you pay on or after this date, you should receive your dues card no later than the end of January 2018.

Raising A Reader

At the September 2016 Stated Meeting, a motion was passed to donate enough funds to bring the Raising A Reader program to the Oceanside Unified School District and Louise Foussat Elementary School. This was a great moment for everyone associated with our Lodge, the Grand Lodge of California and especially the students, teachers and families lives it will affect at Louise Foussat Elementary.

At the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of California on October 30, 2016, Most Worshipful Grand Master John Heisner personally thanked 381 for their generosity in making the largest donation of any single lodge in the history of Freemasonry in California.

Oceanside 381 will also be recognized at the 2017 Annual Communication in October for our excellence in supporting the California Masonic Foundation and our dedication to Masonic Charity.

Raise A Reader – Official Website

California Grand Lodge – Raise A Reader

Officers and Coaches Always Needed

We have a great group of gentlemen and a fresh officer’s line. If you are interested in serving, please contact one of the pillars. We are also in need of Candidates Coaches to assist in coaching our new brothers through the degrees.

Officers are the leaders of the lodge and the “overseers of the work.” As an officer, you are only committing to up to 2 – 5 nights of activity per month which include the stated meeting, Officer’s School of Instruction (OSI), a practice, a degree conferral, and other optional District, Division, and Jurisdiction events. Candidates Coaches meet as necessary with brothers as they work on their proficiencies while going through the degrees.

Job’s Daughters Oceanside Bethel No. 139
We are looking for young ladies between 10 and 20 to join our Bethel. If interested, please call the Bethel Guardian, Beverly at 760-212-6651.

Youth Order Corner

Rainbow Girl Assemblies:
– Golden Star (Vista)       1st & 3rd Thur.
– Gold Arch (Escondido)  2nd & 4th Thur.
– Fallbrook                       2nd & 4th Tue.
– Lemon Grove                1st & 3rd Tue.

Jobs Daughters Bethels:
– Bethel #139 Oceanside        1st & 3rd Wed.
– Bethel #154 Escondido        2nd & 4th Wed.
– Bethel #40 San Diego            1st & 3rd Wed.
– Bethel #146 Chula Vista        1st & 3rd Mon.
– Bethel #164 National City    2nd & 4th Mon.

DeMolay Chapters:
– Agate Chapter (Escondido)        1st & 3rd Wed
– Gerald R. Ford Chapter (Ramona)
– Valley Hills Chapter (El Cajon)    2nd & 4th Wed.
– Kimball Chapter (National City)    2nd & 4th Fri.
– Temecula Chapter                    2nd & 4th Thur.

Bro. Mark Read – Youth Order Executive Committee Member

Has your contact info changed?!?
You can keep us up to date with all your latest contact information such as email, mailing address, and phone numbers by managing your account at the Grand Lodge Member Center. You can create your account using your member number (from your dues card), birthday and zip code currently on file. If you do not have your dues card or cannot find your member number, let us know and we can provide that.

Looking for Lodge Info?
Have a question about what’s happening at the lodge? Know someone who is interested in exploring membership in Freemasonry? Have a recommendation for lodge leadership? [email protected] is the email address for all general inquiries for the Lodge. It is monitored by the Executive Committee and a speedy response can be expected!

Rent the Lodge
Did you know the Oceanside Masonic Center is available for rent? Our building can house groups of up to 120 persons. Our building is great for meetings, receptions, graduation parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, weddings and more! Pass along the word to your family and friends that we have a great place to host special events. Interested parties and go to the website at to request more information, or directly send an email to [email protected]

Have You Installed the Lodge App?!?
We have a Lodge App! We are extremely excited to say that Oceanside 381 now has their very own private iPhone/Android app. As of today, about 50% of the lodge have installed the app on their devices and are using it readily. This is a great and private way for us to stay connected socially and for the business on the lodge. Please visit the below URL from your Apple or Android device, and you will be redirected to a page with instructions on how to install the app.